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Residential complex Friedrichspark

Reference: Residential complex Friedrichspark
Residential complex Friedrichspark
Scarce living space?

Skillfully used!

Housing space is in short supply, especially in metropolitan areas. In addition to the development of new residential areas in the outskirts of cities, the possibility of creating additional living space by converting or demolishing existing non-residential buildings is arising more and more frequently. This option also arose for Germany's largest twin city, Villingen-Schwenningen, when the municipal hospital in Villingen was no longer needed due to the opening of a new central hospital in 2013.


Beautiful story

Architecture with history

For 52 years, patients were treated at the Villingen Municipal Hospital. It all began on May 28, 1956, with the municipal council's decision to build a new building in Friedengrund on the edge of the southern town. According to media reports, the building, which had 350 beds in the first phase, was the largest structure in the city since the construction of the medieval fortifications. Commissioned in December 1961, the hospital was also considered one of the most modern buildings in the region. In May 1971, a 115-bed children's hospital was opened near the new hospital building. This was later followed by a second nurses' home and a nursing and pediatric nursing school.

Sustainable change

From old to new

The site on the edge of the southern town of Villingen, which was freed up by the amalgamation of several clinics and the new building of the Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum opened in 2013, and which can thus be used, covers eleven hectares. Villingen-Schwenningen-based top-bauträger gmbh had initially acquired the entire site from the town. A development plan was drawn up in cooperation with the Stuttgart-based urban planning office Wick und Partner and the city council. After approval by the technical committee and the municipal council, preparations for the construction of the planned 400 residential units in four construction phases could begin.

From old to new

Varied neighborhood architecture

With its different building types, the new quarter provides sufficient variety: In addition to condominiums in differently staggered, multi-story buildings, the site also features terraced and semi-detached houses as well as single-family homes. A particular attraction is undoubtedly the 24,000-square-meter Klinikpark site, which, according to Top-Bau's plans, is to be retained in its entirety.

Quarter loading

Deconstruction for new construction

Before the actual start of construction in April 2016, the existing clinic buildings had to be demolished and the entire site had to be developed in accordance with the development plan. Since then, Top-Bau has completed around 200 residential units on the site, meaning that more than half of the planned neighborhood has already been built on. So while the residents of the first construction phase are already experiencing their fourth spring in "Friedrichspark", construction workers in the third construction phase are busy concreting the foundations.

EVALON® makes it possible

Diverse work

The design diversity of the new quarter is at the same time reflected in the numerous and highly diverse challenges for the craftsmen involved. One of them, master roofer Mathias Weißer, owner of Weißer Bedachungen GmbH from Unterkirnach, carried out a large part of the waterproofing work in the new quarter. Whether multi-family, semi-detached, terraced or single-family houses, all roofs are flat-sloped and require appropriate waterproofing. In close coordination with technical consultant Peter Landsiedel from alwitra GmbH, the developer opted for the proven EVALON® roof waterproofing system from alwitra, the Trier-based supplier of flat roof systems.

Tight and safe

Solutions with a premium system

For almost 50 years, the EVALON roof waterproofing system has been impressing customers worldwide on more than 155 million square meters of flat roof surfaces. The basis is the high-quality EVALON® roofing and waterproofing membrane, which, with its high proportion of high-polymer solids, ensures consistent properties and an enormously long service life. In conjunction with the different variants, which are of course compatible with each other, all waterproofing tasks can be carried out professionally and reliably with the EVALON® sheeting range alone. In addition, there are numerous accessory system parts, such as flashings, corner moldings, laminated composite sheets and drains for drainage with material-homogeneous connection sleeves, which make working with the EVALON® system simply safe.

The alwitra complete package

This is how flat roof

For roofer Weißer and his team of skilled craftsmen, the task was not only to seal the surfaces on the roofs, but also to install the drains and ventilators that conform to the regulations, as well as daylighting systems for illumination with prefabricated connection sleeves. For this purpose, too, the experienced master roofer made use of the complete system from alwitra. By additionally using the skylight domes as NRA systems, the escape routes remain smoke-free in case of fire. Even for the permanently tight integration of the securants, a molded part from the extensive EVALON® range was used.

In addition to the flat roofs, the numerous balconies and canopies above the entrance areas of the buildings also had to be waterproofed professionally.

High quality connections and finishes

For the perfect finish

Things got really exciting when it came to the design of the parapets and roof edges, the wall copings of the balcony parapets, and the wall connections. The high demands on architecture and design were already anchored as a fundamental concept in the early planning phase. In addition to the design language, the color and tactile quality of the external finishes had to be in line with the harmonious overall concept. To this end, the developer envisaged a uniform material and color concept. Once again, the property developer and specialist tradesmen were able to make use of alwitra's extensive product range. All the downstand and connecting profiles were measured on an object-specific basis, individually manufactured, finished with the desired color finish in the ultra-modern powder coating plant and delivered to the construction site just-in-time with the corresponding installation plans.


... from a single source!

In addition to the standard elements, the high-quality aluminum profiles from alwitra also include special components such as inner or outer corners up to custom-made unique pieces and are fastened without penetration. Thanks to the holders and shims supplied in a defined number, the profiles can be installed with the necessary slope according to the application. In addition, the bracket spacing specified in the installation plan ensures that the installation also complies with the relevant specifications, trade rules and standards. This also provides the individual static verification with regard to wind loads.

... from a single source!
Many advantages

Attention to detail

For master roofer Mathias Weißer, working with a complete system and a single manufacturer made sense precisely because of the different challenges and details: "Instead of coordinating with several technicians from different manufacturers on site for the details, alwitra provided practical and aesthetically sophisticated solutions from a single source and in a single system. This then also made it much easier and faster during processing."

It remains exciting

Great interest

It will probably take until 2025 to complete the entire "Friedrichspark" residential quarter. So far, however, demand for the residential units and houses built in energy-efficient construction to the KfW 55 standard has been consistently high throughout the construction period.


The sky's the limit

Don't let yourself be thwarted - at least not by us: In more than 50 years of company history, we have been able to accompany and realize a large number of interesting and individual projects in the most diverse areas. Here you can see what is possible with the alwitra flat roof system (among other things) - let yourself be inspired!