alwitra EVALON dual protects logistics center

alwitra EVALON dual protects Pneuhage logistics centre

alwitra EVALON dual protects logistics center
Reference: Logistics Center Pneuhage
Ensures safety

alwitra EVALON dual

Whether internal combustion engine, hybrid or electric, no motor vehicle in this world can get off the road without tires. They transfer the power generated by the engine to the road. At the same time, they provide grip and ride comfort. The tires should be replaced after ten years at the latest. As one of the largest independent tire dealers in Germany, the Pneuhage Group offers more than 1,000 stations throughout Germany for the exchange. In order to be able to supply dealers and workshops "just-in-time", the tire service, founded in Karlsruhe in 1953, uses four central logistics locations. One of these is located at the company headquarters in Karlsruhe: the central logistics center for around 400,000 rims and complete wheel assembly. In Hainichen near Chemnitz, up to 50,000 truck tires are stored. For forklifts, agricultural and construction machinery, the dealer keeps around 15,000 tires in Nossen near Dresden. The fourth and undoubtedly largest warehouse, with space for a total of 1.3 million consumer tires, is located in Speyer.


More space for diversity

The largest Interpneu central warehouse was built from 2006 to 2008. The two halls, each with 35,000 m² of storage space, were gradually put into operation from August 2008, and from the beginning of 2009 the then new central warehouse was running at full capacity. Less than ten years later, in the fall of 2018, construction began on a third phase. A total of another 35,000 m2 of storage space was added, distributed over four hall sections. As early as summer 2019, two hall sections, each with 10,000 m2 of space, could be used as an extension to the tire warehouse. Since the fall of 2019, the other two hall sections, each with 7,500 m2 of space, have been rented out together with the warehouse office and forklift halls.

Proven partners and materials

Simply safe!

As with the new hall in 2008, Pneuhage Vermögensverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsruhe, commissioned Boos Architekten from Renchen with the planning of the extension. Structurally, the hall extension was built with precast reinforced concrete elements in F 90 with grid dimensions of 20.25 m x 20.25 m and with walls as secondary supports. In-situ concrete with casings formed the foundations. Steel cassettes with 100 mm mineral wool insulation were used as exterior walls, which were clad with trapezoidal steel sheets. In the area of the gates, reinforced concrete sandwich elements with 60 mm of thermal insulation were arranged. The roofs of the warehouses were given a supporting shell of trapezoidal steel sheets. This was followed by a vapor barrier and 120 mm of non-combustible mineral wool thermal insulation. For waterproofing the surfaces, the planners and client relied on a membrane from the EVALON® roof waterproofing system of the Trier-based flat roof specialist alwitra GmbH: the centrally reinforced EVALON® dual.

Proven quality

Convincingly versatile

For almost 50 years, the EVALON roof waterproofing system has been impressing customers worldwide on more than 160 million square meters of flat roof surfaces. As a proven system, the optimally coordinated products offer lasting protection against wind and weather in all climatic zones of the world. With its high-polymer alloy of ethylene vinyl acetate terpolymer (EVA) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a fully-fledged sealing layer on the top and bottom, EVALON dual stands for EVALON quality that has proven itself for decades.

Evalon: unique advantages

Strong properties

Thanks to the central reinforcement, it also meets all requirements for mechanical fastening. The high proportion of high-polymer solids ensures consistent properties and an enormously long service life. At the same time, the bright and smooth surface has a dirt-repellent effect and reflects heat radiation. In addition, the weather-stable and root-resistant EVALON® dual impresses with its low water vapor diffusion resistance. Like all EVALON® membranes, EVALON® dual can also be used for roof renovations due to its bitumen compatibility. The sheets are joined together by means of hot air or solvent welding. The wide range of accessories and molded parts for the professional formation of typical roof details is particularly practical and safe.

Product system from roof edge to roof edge

Something for everyone

EVALON® roofing membranes are available in various designs and cover almost every requirement depending on the roof structure and use: In addition to the EVALON® dual, which is reinforced with polyester scrim in the middle, the roofing membrane system is available with polyester fleece on the underside as EVALON® V, with glass fleece/polyester fleece as EVALON® VG, and laminated and with a self-adhesive layer on the underside as EVALON® VSK/VGSK. In addition to the CE marking as a roofing and waterproofing membrane in accordance with EN 13956 and EN 13967, a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available for all EVALON® membranes.

Best conditions

Ideal for mechanical fastening

The waterproofing of the roof surfaces on the hall extension in Speyer was carried out by the skilled craftsmen of master roofer Christian Bornschein from Bad Kreuznach. The homogeneous EVA waterproofing membrane with reinforcement was the ideal product for the waterproofing, which was mechanically fixed in the trapezoidal sheeting in the overlap area. The number and spacing of the plate anchors resulted from the object-related wind suction calculation by the application technology department of alwitra GmbH. The sheet width of 1.5 m also ensured economical processing.

For co-thinkers and forward planners

alwitra emergency drainage

The drainage concept for the 35,000 m2 roof area includes not only the drainage of precipitation via gullies into adjacent biotopes, but also emergency drainage via spouts in the parapet. In addition, 24 arcade rooflights had to be professionally and permanently integrated into the waterproofing system. They are part of the consumption-optimized and energy-saving building technology, which in combination with daylight-controlled LED lighting ensures a pleasant and bright working atmosphere.

Proven and expanded fire protection concept

Safe even in case of fire

Fire protection naturally plays a significant role in a tire warehouse of this dimension. On the roof, this can be seen from the fire protection walls that separate the extension into four sections. On the one hand, these had to be professionally waterproofed, and on the other hand, they had to be designed in such a way that fire propagation via the roof was prevented. In the halls, more than 1,000 fire detectors, 14,600 ceiling sprinklers and 41,450 shelf sprinklers at the individual storage locations ensure appropriate fire protection. The entire system was supplemented by a 1,900 m long ring main around the building in DN 250, which enables a pumping capacity of 13,500 l/min at around 10 bar. In order to have sufficient water available in the event of a fire, water storage tanks with a total capacity of around 2.4 million liters were built on the site.

Reliable and functionally safe

Permanently safe

With the extension, the experienced tire dealer Pneuhage was able to accommodate the increased number of different articles as well as the growing tire sizes in recent years. The focus of the extension was not so much on the maximum number of tires, but rather on the variety of the product range and speed. The aisles between the pallet racks were left wide enough to allow several order pickers to move through them at the same time. In this way, the reliability in terms of timely logistics for large and small consignments is also assured in the future. For the waterproofing of the new hall roof surfaces, planners and builders also relied on the EVALON roof waterproofing system for lasting reliability and functional safety.


The sky's the limit.

Don't let yourself be thwarted - at least not by us: In more than 50 years of company history, we have been able to accompany and realize a large number of interesting and individual projects in the most diverse areas. Here you can see what is possible with the alwitra flat roof system (among other things) - let yourself be inspired!