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alwitra kerbs for sophisticated daylighting

Put an end to the rooflight’s second role as a thermal bridge! alwitra kerbs for flat roofs provide for sophisticated daylighting and excellent thermal insulation. Made of extruded polyvinyl chloride plastic profiles, alwitra rooflight upstands feature excellent impact-resistance of the frame, an innovative cellular system, and ensure reliable flashing against PVC, bitumen, and high-polymer waterproofing membranes, for new build and refurbishment. For smart (time) savers, they are also available with a factory-fitted EVALON® or EVALASTIC® flashing sleeve.

Advantages of alwitra rooflight upstands

Excellent thermal insulation right into every corner
Compliant with EN 12567-2
Stressless, weather-tight flashing against EVALON® or EVALASTIC®.
Also compatible with bituminous sheets or high polymer waterproofing membranes
Ready to use

Kerb accessories

Impeccable, quick waterproofing with EVALON® and EVALASTIC® sleeves. Because the factory-fitted “ready-to-use” assembly saves you valuable time.

Kerbs for flat roofs from alwitra ensure sophisticated daylighting
Completely preassembled at the factory
Fully bonded flashing sleeve over the entire upstand height
Available in any roofing membrane colour
Direct welding to the membrane without additional strip
Quick and easy to install
A lot of saved time for a small price premium


Installation instructions for rooflights and upstands