Light and shapely, durable and stable

Wall flashing profiles

alwitra wall flashing profiles

Waterproofing membranes on rising building elements need their extra share of attention: prevention of slippage, security against rain and protection from mechanical damage on used and non-used roof areas. Wall flashing profiles from alwitra: light and elegant, durable and robust - the end-all be-all for flashing roofing membranes against rising building elements.

“a” – like in “alternativeless”

Wall flashing profiles from alwitra

Compromising on quality? Not with us. Our alwitra aluminium wall flashing profiles give you highest quality. Reliable, industrially manufactured, delivered ready for installation. And always in line with your requirements. Whether individual site measuring or detailed installation drawings - wall flashing profiles from alwitra leave nothing to be desired.

Delivered ready for installation
Aluminium for weather resistance
Infinite recyclability
Plain aluminium or colour coating
Ready-to-install external and internal corners and end caps for quick and easy installation

Wall flashing profiles - areas of application

Custom-made wall flashing profiles from the flat roof system for smart roof waterproofing solutions from alwitra offer professional fixing of waterproofing membranes in the upper wall flashing area. Including for used roof areas, guaranteeing protection of the flashing area at the required flashing height against mechanical damage.

  • Industrially manufactured profile series (WA 1, WA 150, WA 1 - ÜK)

  • For any kind of roof waterproofing

  • Flashing against straight upstands or curved structural elements

  • Compliant with standards and directives

  • With front face heights from 150 to 275 mm

  • Concealed fastening for used roof areas

alwitra wall flashing profiles