For snow kings and cool heads

Snow guard profiles

alwitra snow guard profiles

For snow fans and cool heads

Keeping a cool head is mostly advisable - except in winter, when that's exactly what you want to avoid. The alwitra snow guard profiles prevent snow and ice from sliding off low-sloped roofs. The snow guard profiles consist of supports with fastening screws, mounting brackets and tubular guard rails with plug-in system, all made of stainless steel, as well as optional ice guards. Also included: factory-made preformed details and flashing sleeve made of EVALON or EVALASTIC. The required bracket spacing can be easily determined with the help of a data survey form, depending on the object.


Keep a cool head

Protection from snow slipping off the roof
Individual design including installation plans, depending on the object
Weatherproof, durable and, thus, low-maintenance materials
Uncomplicated, quick installation