standing seam effect profile
This is how easily your roof shows structure

Standing seam effect profile

Flat roofs with an effective profile

Builder-owners and architects increasingly regard the roof as a fifth façade. In addition to reliable protection of the building, the appearance of the roof area is becoming more and more important. Thanks to their material properties, synthetic waterproofing membranes have always been meeting this new demand for roof aesthetics, while at the same time consequently fulfilling the expectations placed in waterproofing systems.

  • Product description: the standing seam effect profile for EVALON® and EVALASTIC® is an extruded hollow profile
  • Length: 2 m
  • Colour: light grey
  • Packing unit: 90 m/box (dowel pins for connecting the profiles are included)
  • Application: with hot air (EVALASTIC®) or EVALON® liquid (EVALON®)
  • Technical application notes: installation primarily from ridge to eave; positioning is usually on the seam, for closer spacings e.g. in the membrane centre 

Simply safe: our standing seam effect profile

The standing seam effect profile for EVALON® and EVALASTIC® can be installed as easily and safely as all alwitra waterproofing membranes. The waterproofing membrane and standing seam effect profile adapt to the given roof shape. The connection of roof penetrations is particularly safe with alwitra system components. This also and especially applies to retrofitting. Structuring can also be carried out on low-sloped roof surfaces. Other types of roofing reach their limits here.

standing seam effect profile for EVALON and EVALASTIC