alwitra daylight systems
For shining light and fans of fresh air

Daylight systems

alwitra daylight systems: natural light all over the place

About 80% of all our sensory impressions are purely visual – so let’s make something of it. Sufficient daylight saves energy, lifts your spirits, increases the aesthetic effect of any room, provides non-dazzling lighting, and is demonstrably healthy. Of course, without having to compromise on tightness or thermal insulation.


Feel the light

More serenity, better living and working conditions... The benefits of natural lighting using alwitra daylight systems for the flat roof are not only a visual, but also a sensual experience!

Ideal light supply, for comfort, productivity, and high spirits
Natural light throughout the room
Excellent thermal insulation
Uniform, non-dazzling lighting
Less energy needed for artificial lighting
Product varieties

Sophisticated daylighting concept with alwitra daylight systems

Sophisticated daylighting concept with alwitra daylight systems