Paving slab support
For barefoot and terrace lovers

Paving slab support

For barefoot lovers and terrace enthusiasts

For those who want to enjoy sunny days on their terrace as quickly as possible: alwitra paving slab supports can be levelled in no time, they offer ample space for concealing pipes and cables, ensure reliable drainage and are extremely weather-resistant – and, finally, they give you significant cost advantages. The paving slab supports are placed under each cross joint of four slabs. Spacers ensure a regular joint pattern.

For terraces and balconies

  • Loose laid paving slabs with safe to step on, open joints
  • With single-layer synthetic or elastomeric waterproofing membranes or multi-layer bituminous waterproofing
alwitra paving slab supports

Eliminating risks, for a long-lasting terrace experience

Quick, reliable, easy: the terrace of your dreams in no time at all. With alwitra paving slab supports, time-saving installation without any special tools is possible even for enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers.

Easy levelling, even at larger slopes
Optimum drainage for protection from damage caused by frost and water
Fast surface drainage, without any gutters or visible outlets.
Save time, no maintenance required: self-cleaning effect thanks to drainage grooves.
Optional shims for levelling differences in slope
More protection, less noise: improved footfall sound insulation of lower living spaces.