For gravity (emergency) drainage

alwitra parapet outlet

alwitra parapet outlet for exterior (emergency) drainage

The alwitra parapet drain W75 was specially developed for gravity (emergency) drainage through the parapet and comes ready to use including three components: Drain, stainless steel pipe and custom-fit insulating body. The connection to the roof waterproofing is made via the two-part emergency drain connection with an accumulation height of 20 - 40 mm or via the screw ring, similar to the alwitra roof drains and extension elements. The corresponding connection collar made of EVALON® or EVALASTIC® is included in the scope of delivery, as is the aluminium base plate for a secure connection to the vapour barrier.

Sustainability - ready-to-install

Advantages of the alwitra parapet outlet

Stable: made of highly impact-resistant and high-grade polypropylene (PP)
All inclusive: EVALON® or EVALASTIC® flashing collar, matching the membrane colour, included in the scope of delivery.
Fits any roof waterproofing, whether EVALON or EVALASTIC. Your choice!
  • Uncomplicated: no need for time-consuming installation of the outlet body in the insulation
  • Simple: easy flashing of the waterproofing against the straight outer edges of the insulating block
  • Variable pipe inclination: the stainless-steel pipe can be infinitely horizontally adjusted between 0° and 2°
  • Jointless insulation under the outlet body

  • Connection to commercially available (HT or stainless steel) socket pipes or
  • Spouts with free discharge or into a water collector

  • can be fit to size on site
  • for flashing against the vapour control sheet