Hard shell, insulated core

Rooflights for flat roofs

Rooflights for flat roofs: Hard shell, insulated core

Let in sunshine and moonlight, but keep out heat and cold: alwitra skylight domes are available in single, double, triple and multi-skin versions and have different thermal insulation properties. They also ensure good light diffusion with low light loss. Reassuring: the standard, burglar-delaying screw system makes life extra difficult for thieves.

Advantages of alwitra rooflights

Ensuring both good thermal insulation and excellent room illumination
Good light diffusion with low light losses
Natural light
  • Double-shell rooflight
  • Made of two domed, extruded PMMA plastic shells
  • Acrylic glass, providing for particularly high transparency, impact-resistance, and UV-resistance
  • U-value of 2.68 [W/m²K]

  • Triple-shell rooflight
  • Made of three curved extruded PMMA plastic shells
  • Made of two opal shells and one middle clear shell (optional: 3 clear shells)
  • U-value of 1.70 [W/m²K]

  • Multi-shell rooflight
  • Made of one transparent domed PMMA plastic shell, a transparent domed SPC panel and an opal acrylic middle shell.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties, U-value of 1.23 [W/m²K].
  • Ideal for buildings with increased thermal insulation requirements


Ventilation at its best.

As a flat roof system manufacturer, we offer a wide range of opening variants for our skylight domes to meet the different requirements and wishes of our customers. From manual openings to electric openings and roof hatches, there is a suitable solution for almost every requirement. Thanks to the pre-assembled vent frames, installation is quick and easy, saving time and money. By choosing the right opening variant, not only can the natural ventilation of the room be improved, but a pleasant room climate and good light distribution in the room can also be achieved.

  • Rooflight with manual telescopic spindle
  • Hooked to brackets at the upstand and the vent frame
  • Opening with optional crank rod
  • If the side length exceeds 130 cm, a tandem version with two interconnected spindles is installed with front upstand (MAG-6)

  • Maximum comfort
  • Operation by switch or optional radio remote control
  • If the side length exceeds 130 cm, a tandem version with two electrically interconnected actuators is installed

  • Ensuring access to the roof, as required
  • Gas springs installed on both sides
  • Can be combined with manual spindle, electric opening, or NRAA