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Rounded roof edge trim profiles for central bus station

Reference: ZOB Korbach
ZOB Korbach
Reference: ZOB Korbach

A real stroke of luck

For the Hessian district and Hanseatic town of Korbach, the reactivation of the Korbach-Frankenberg rail line was a real stroke of luck. For in addition to the far-reaching connection to the rail network of the Kurhessenbahn, the complete redesign of the "old" central bus station (ZOB) gives the city a changed face.

Architecture that impresses

Completely overplanned

In the course of reactivation, it is now possible to travel by train as far as Marburg. In Korbach, the main station and the entire station surroundings were also rebuilt. Before construction work could begin on April 20, 2017, the entire area around the station had to be redesigned in terms of traffic planning, urban development and accessibility. Due to the direct connection to the city center, the site with an area of approx. 11,000 m² was to form the future reception point and entrance gate to the inner-city pedestrian zone. Completed in time for the Hessentag 2018, the new ZOB is now accessible barrier-free and generously roofed. The city bus stops directly at the platform, making the change from train to bus even more convenient.

Well thought

Set for commuters

But not only the newly designed ZOB, also the tracks of the Kurhessenbahn are accessible barrier-free via elevators. The P+R facilities were expanded for all commuters. Cyclists were also taken into account in the new concept. In addition to additional bicycle parking facilities, a new collective garage in the direct platform access from the city center side offers secure parking.

With momentum

Curved roofs

A customer center of the North Hessian Transport Association NVV opened in the new service building at the ZOB. In addition, the building offers a waiting area and sanitary facilities. As part of the newly designed ZOB, the single-story low-rise building was integrated into a roof that spans the intermodal platform and the bus stops opposite.

With space for greening

Triangular island

The new ZOB is complemented by a bus stop facility centrally located on the square, which includes space for four 12-meter buses. The island, which is triangular in plan, is also roofed. An opening in the center of the widely curved roof traces the contours of the bus stop system and provides space for greenery, visually accentuating the center of the entire ZOB.

Curves? No problem!

Custom roof edge solution

The roofing company Hans Rohde GmbH from Willingen-Eimelrod was commissioned to professionally seal the two striking roof surfaces, which cover around 1,400 square meters. In addition to sealing the surfaces, the contract awarded to the experienced roof craftsmen also included the formation of the roof edges. "In the tender, wall flashings were planned for the roof edges," says master roofer and plumber Christoph Rohde. "That would have been quite a challenge, especially during installation. Also, a wall cover would not have perfectly reflected the geometry of the roofs with their particular curves."


Manufacturing according to measurement

Therefore, the experienced master roofer convinced the client to use a roof edge profile from alwitra GmbH instead of the planned wall coverings. Especially as the waterproofing of the surfaces was also to be carried out with the proven EVALON® roofing and waterproofing membrane from the Trier flat roof specialists. After completion of the roof construction, an object-specific measurement of the roof edges was carried out by an application engineer of alwitra GmbH together with one of the employees of Hans Rohde GmbH.

Waterproof, stress-free

Multi-part aluminum profile

The TA-4F roof edge profile was used. The multi-part, extruded and corrosion-resistant aluminum profile is available in face heights of 150 - 200 mm. As in Korbach, it can be used on straight and curved roof edges as well as on roof edges with and without upstands. Thanks to the multi-part design, the roof waterproofing can be connected to the profile in a watertight and stress-free manner. The patented, infinitely adjustable 4F brackets are particularly practical.

Plastic coating for finishing the aluminum profiles

Individual color finishing

Not least the high-quality plastic coating of the profiles with (GSB-Master), UV-resistant, chemical-resistant, highly weather-resistant as well as extremely impact-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant colors convinced the client. In Korbach, the surface variant DB 702 was one of the 25 permanently available preferred colors and surface effects from the alwitra select color range.

Flat roof design in a new dimension

Convincing result

The skilled craftsmen from Willingen needed a total of four weeks to both professionally seal the flat roof surfaces and install the roof edge profiles. "Thanks to the individually manufactured profiles according to measurements and the supplied installation plans, we only had an offcut of just under 1.5 meters for a total of 400 m of profiles," says master roofer and tinsmith Christoph Rohde. "The client was also delighted with the excellent visual impression of the roof edge."

  Building board  
Client District and Hanseatic City of Korbach  
Roof Roofing company Hans Rohde GmbH, Willingen-Eimelrod  
Material EVALON, Roof edge profile TA-4F, 150 mm in DB 702  

The sky's the limit

Don't let yourself be thwarted - at least not by us: In more than 50 years of company history, we have been able to accompany and realize a large number of interesting and individual projects in the most diverse areas. Here you can see what is possible with the alwitra flat roof system (among other things) - let yourself be inspired!