alwitra - your partner for flat roofs
alwitra - your partner for flat roofs

United on top.

From mastering challenges to taking the future into our own hands

Not a supplier, but a real partner. One you can rely on. One who is there and stands by your side. Someone who plans with you, thinks with you, takes the pressure off you. On site, on the roof, on the phone, on the web. With superior waterproofing membranes, with complete systems for flat roofs, with unparalleled service and support. Together, we realize the best flat roofs and meet all the challenges of the future. Always at eye level.


Your partner for flat roofs

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Experts in the office and in the technical assistance
Free consultation, comprehensive service
Support by measurement, calculations, proofs...
End-to-end time savings (products/services)
High-quality, durable waterproofing membranes
Perfectly adapted flat roof systems
Economy and ecology in harmony
Contemporary, bitumen-free installation
Satisfied builders
Still no synthetic membrane on the roof?

Advantages of synthetic waterproofing membranes

We make waterproofing membranes from plastic because the many advantages are simply convincing: faster work, longer service life and more sustainable flat roofs. alwitra waterproofing membranes do not need herbicides to enable green roofs. And you don't need a fire guard either. Recognize the signs of the times together and set a good example.

  • Durability
  • long service life
  • Recycling system
  • Root resistant
  • loose laying (ballast)
  • mechanically fastened
  • bonded buildup
Installation method
  • fast, safe, single-ply installation
  • 25m roofing membranes
  • prefabricated parts
fire hazard
  • no fire hazard
  • fast, clean homogeneous welding
  • perfect welding result
Weight per unit area
  • weight approx. 2 kg/m²
  • EVALON with Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Product categories

Strongest in the system

alwitra systems are the solution for all projects around the flat roof, from roof edge to roof edge. And that is exactly how our products are strongest: In the system. We offer all components of the water-bearing level as system solutions that interlock seamlessly, smoothly and tightly over the long term - thought out by specialists, tested by experts and perfectly matched to each other.