For durable flat roof waterproofing

Waterproofing membranes EVALASTIC® and EVALON®

Fast processing, long service life: why synthetic waterproofing membranes are a good choice

alwitra synthetic waterproofing membranes offer a durable and sustainable option for waterproofing flat roofs. Easy to get on the roof, quick to lay, homogeneously bonded and therefore waterproof in the long term. For new builds and flat roof renovations, loose laid under ballast, mechanically fastened or bonded. Save time, work sustainably. Inspire building owners with clean, beautiful, reliable and environmentally friendly flat roofs. Because: sustainability needs pioneers.

One advantage of our roofing membranes:

Homogeneous material welding

The high-quality synthetic waterproofing membranes of the alwitra EVALON and EVALASTIC flat roof systems offer all the possibilities of quality roof waterproofing for flat roofs. The special alwitra strength: a material-homogeneous connection of all connections, terminations and penetrations that can withstand all effects and stresses in the long term.

High-quality polymer alloy for long service life
For new build and renovation
Bitumen and solvent-free
Product variants for all installation types and flat roof constructions
Wide range of accessories and molded parts
Simple connections at critical detail points

An integrated system

Flat roof system from a single source

A comprehensive, sophisticated waterproofing system extending from one roof edge to the other, including all accessories and all services. So, when the work starts on the roof, everything is at hand, allowing for extremely quick, accurate and safe installation. No compromises, no flaws. It's fun, it pays off, and it gives you a comfortable feeling of security.

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Waterproofing membranes and much more ...

We are always pleased when we receive pictures and descriptions of projects that we have realized together with traders, planners and, above all, roofers. Because it's only in practice that we see what "together up here." really means. Great projects that show what is possible together.