Waterproofing membranes

For superior flat roofs: EVALON® and EVALASTIC® waterproofing membranes

Our alwitra synthetic roofing membranes are designed to provide consistently superior performance on flat roofs. Easy handling, versatile application, long-term reliability. The high-quality synthetic and elastomeric waterproofing membranes of the alwitra flat roof systems EVALON and EVALASTIC offer the full range of possibilities for high-quality flat roof waterproofing of nearly any flat roof shape. The particular alwitra strong point is a unique connection, homogeneous in material, of all flashings, trims and penetrations that will irreproachably stand up to any impact and stress. Builder-owners really love neat, beautiful, reliable, and eco-friendly flat roofs. Because sustainability needs pioneers.

An integrated system

Flat roof system from a single source

A comprehensive, sophisticated waterproofing system extending from one roof edge to the other, including all accessories and all services. So, when the work starts on the roof, everything is at hand, allowing for extremely quick, accurate and safe installation. No compromises, no flaws. It's fun, it pays off, and it gives you a comfortable feeling of security.

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Waterproofing membranes and much more ...

We are always pleased when we receive pictures and descriptions of projects that we have realized together with traders, planners and, above all, roofers. Because it's only in practice that we see what "together up here." really means. Great projects that show what is possible together.