Ballast-free fastening system for solar systems.


EVATEC® Solar - Safe. Patented. Ballast-free and approved.

The new EVATEC® Solar mounting rail from alwitra is a patented, unique and statically proven fastening system for the safe installation of solar modules on roofs waterproofed with EVALASTIC® or EVALON® waterproofing membranes.

The EVATEC® Solar mounting rail is positioned on the finished roof waterproofing and fastened directly to the supporting layer using (long) ridge screws. No roof openings or penetrations are required. The EVATEC® Solar mounting rail requires no additional load. The effective loads are inserted directly into the roof's load-bearing layer, not into the roof waterproofing.


EVATEC solar mounting system

Simple, safe installation without damaging the roof waterproofing
Absolutely watertight, thanks to the tried-and-tested one-piece welding of the material to EVALASTIC® or EVALON® roofing membranes.
Étanchéité absolue grâce à la soudure d’un seul tenant et éprouvée du matériau avec les lés de toiture en membrane EVALASTIC®®ou EVALON®
Static safety for elevated photovoltaic systems
No ballast required to secure positioning
Load transfer via mechanical fastening in the load-bearing layer, i.e. no load transfer via roof waterproofing
Easy connection thanks to Rapid system connector
Can be used on various roof structures
Utilisable sur différentes structures de toit
Compared with conventional systems, there are no thermal effects.
No sliding or shifting of photovoltaic generators ("caterpillar" effect)
Easy installation of photovoltaic systems and reduced maintenance requirements
No special tools required
A clear distinction between roofing and electrical installation
Technical approval issued

Tested & approved: More safety!

The German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) has granted EVATEC® Solar a general technical approval and a general construction type approval. This means additional safety for planners, processors and operators.

The innovative EVATEC® Solar fastening system is a logical extension of alwitra's comprehensive and proven flat roof system.

Conditions to ensure the safety of the photovoltaic system and the longevity of the roof waterproofing.

The loads and forces exerted by the photovoltaic system due to its own weight, wind and snow can be determined statically for each specific object. The exact need for EVATEC Solar mounting rails can be determined by static dimensioning.

On roofs with EVALASTIC or EVALON waterproofing, the mounting rail is fixed into the supporting layer, e.g. trapezoidal sheet metal, wood or wood-based panels, using approved roofing screws.

Homogenous welding on EVALASTIC and EVALON

The tried-and-tested, homogeneous welding of the molded part to the roof surface is carried out as usual using hot air (EVALASTIC or EVALON) or a swelling welding agent (only with EVALON).

To ensure that the loads generated and to be transmitted by the solar system can be safely absorbed and transmitted, the roof structure must be checked in advance. In this context, particular attention must be paid to the absorption and load distribution of the fastening points in the base layer, the transmission of forces in the building and the required pressure load capacity of the insulation.

alwitra service and experience

Take advantage of alwitra's comprehensive service right from the planning phase of your photovoltaic system, with specific advice from our experienced consultants on site. In addition, we can prepare installation drawings and a project planning report with preliminary static dimensioning.

On request, our experienced application technicians will assist you with a competent briefing during rooftop installation. And we won't leave you alone after installation either: professional after-sales service rounds off our offer.

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Installed in no time: The EVATEC® Solar mounting rail

The alwitra EVATEC Solar mounting rail is anchored in the base layer using approved roofing screws. No large roof openings are required, as with other static mounting systems. There is no load transfer via the waterproofing membrane.

Further information is available in our EVATEC Solar product brochure.

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