alwitra water spouts
For green thumbs and dry feet

alwitra water spouts

Thunderstorm: designed for extreme rainfall

As emergency overflows, alwitra water spouts are an important component of our roof and emergency drainage system for roofs with alwitra roofing and waterproofing membranes. In the event of heavy rainfall, our water spouts ensure that even large quantities of water can drain away without damage. They can be quickly and easily connected to the EVALON® or EVALASTIC® roof waterproofing thanks to the factory-fitted connection collar.


Not a dry topic: alwitra water spouts

Our alwitra water spouts are genuinely versatile! For example, they are available in several diameters. And also with corners, featuring particularly high drainage performance at low ponding heights. Whether round or square - simply something for everything!

Ready to go: with factory-fitted EVALON® or EVALASTIC® connection collar
Uncomplicated: standard DN pipe diameters for connecting to standard pipe systems with push-fit socket or use as a water spout with free discharge.
Simple: due to the flangeless design, they are particularly suitable for difficult or confined installation conditions.
Damage-free drainage even in heavy rain.
Well equipped: made from impact-resistant, UV-stabilised materials.
Versatile and matching: connection collar available in the same material and colour as the roofing membrane.