The merger of Ondura and Kingspan, announced on February 18, 2022, has been approved by regulators

This is a key step in the formation of Kingspan's new Roofing and Waterproofing division.


Ondura - which emerged from the French company Onduline - is a specialist in roofing solutions for pitched roofs. As the owner of alwitra (specialist in integrated, high-quality flat roofing solutions including roofing membranes, aluminum profiles and system accessories) and the Polish company CB (European market leader in protective underlayments for facades and roofs), Ondura has a wealth of expertise in the waterproofing and airtightness of buildings and is expanding its global presence. Ondura operates in over 100 countries and employs 1,600 people.


Joining the Kingspan Group, a global leader in high-quality insulation and building envelope solutions, marks the beginning of a new phase of development for the companies of the Ondura Group.


Through this acquisition, Kingspan, which has an active presence in more than 70 countries and over 200 manufacturing facilities around the world, will operate in six key areas:

  • Insulated Panels - insulated sandwich panels, Kingspan's main and original area of focus.
  • Insulation - insulated panels, pipework and sheathing insulation.
  • Light + Air - natural lighting and ventilation systems, smoke ventilation
  • Water & Energy - innovative rainwater harvesting and flood protection systems, fuel storage, hot water, intelligent building management
  • Data & Flooring - Cavity and double floor systems
  • Roofing & Waterproofing - Waterproofing and roofing solutions.


Given that the building sector is in a period of energy and environmental change, this new step is particularly promising for the development of alwitra, which will benefit from the support of a leading group.


alwitra Managing Director Fritz Stockinger is optimistic about the future: "We are very pleased that we are now part of the Kingspan Group. In this strong, international group of companies, we see many opportunities and very good possibilities to make our product portfolio and service offering even more attractive and future-oriented for our customers."