EVALON® Solar cSi – The power-generating waterproofing membrane.

EVALON® Solar cSi is the world’s one and only solar roofing membrane with semi-flexible crystalline silicon PV modules.

alwitra. Innovations for long-term reliable flat roofs.

For 55 years, we have been passionate about flat roofs.

Drawing also on 20 years of know-how in solar technology, we provide our clients with unique integrated solutions from a single source, ranging from high-quality roof waterproofing using our proven flat roof systems to complete solar roofscapes.

Take advantage of the expertise of alwitra as the inventor of solar waterproofing membranes with a global record of more than 2,000 successfully completed solar projects.

EVALON® Solar cSi - The power-generating waterproofing membrane.

  • low net weight  of only 3.3 kg/m2, also suitable for roofs with a low bearing capacity
  • two integrated solar modules in one solar waterproofing membrane
  • easy laying and installation thanks to topside connecting cables
  • direct conversion of solar energy into electric power
  • ultra light-weight, semi-flexible PV module with crystalline silicon cells, without glass or framework
  • small required roof area (less than 10 m²/kWp) thanks to high efficiency
  • dirt repellent surface und very low dazzling effect (textured ETFE front sheet)

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Technical data

EVALON® Solar cSi waterproofing membranes

Type of waterproofing membraneEVALON® dual
Type of solar waterproofing membraneEVALON® Solar cSi 350 Wp
Number of EVALON® Solar cSi modules1
Power at STC350 Wp
Membrane width1.50 m
Membrane length2.45 m
Installation grid1.39 m
Nominal thickness of the waterproofing membrane incl. PV module and backingapprox. 3.3 mm
Nominal thickness of homogeneous membrane sealing layer1.5 mm
Mass per unit area< 4 kg/m2 at installation grid 1.39 m
Bending radius>2 m
Min. required area9.5 m2/kWp

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