Roof drainage

alwitra emergency outlet

Roof drainage

alwitra rainwater outlets and extension elements are designed as to be easily converted into emergency outlets with a specified ponding height.

alwitra emergency outlet
alwitra emergency outlet socket 40, mounted to alwitra rainwater outlet S 125/110

The required emergency outlet sockets are available in three different versions and vary only in the potential ponding height: A ponding height of 20 – 40 mm at the “emergency outlet socket 40” can be achieved by cutting to length on site. To this end, the extension elements are marked (grooves) at intervals of 10 mm. The “emergency outlet socket 100” can be adjusted to a ponding height of 20 – 100 mm.

For the SL version, elements are delivered ready-to-install for a ponding height of 20 – 100 mm according to customer specification.

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