EVALON® Solar cSi

EVALON® Solar cSi is the world’s first solar roofing membrane with semi-flexible crystalline silicon PV modules.

Product benefits

  • reliable protection of buildings against precipitation
  • direct conversion of solar energy into electric power
  • due to the extremely low weight (3.3 kg/m2) suitable even for roof constructions with a low bearing capacity 
  • two integrated solarmodules in one solar roofing membrane
  • quick and easy installation due to top-side connecting cables
  • the patented glass-fibre reinforced duromer core guarantees stability, flexibility and durability
  • glas-free, frameless, ultrathin, semi-flexible PV module with crystalline silicon solar cells
  • suitable for small roofs: requires a roof area of less than 10 m2/kWp due to the high effiency and installation with small module distances
  • dirt-repellent surface und very low glare effect (textured ETFE-frontsheet)
  • a minimum roof slope of 3° ensures the self cleaning effect of the PV-modules and the prevention of ponding water

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Technische Daten

EVALON® Solar cSi roofing membrane

Rated power at STC2 x 225 Wp = 450 Wp
Membrane width1.55 m
Membrane length3.49 m
Nominal thickness incl. PV module and backing3.5 mm
Nominal thickness waterproofing thickness of homogeneous membrane1.5 mm
Weight per square metre3.3 kg/m2
Bending radius>1000 mm
Laying patternfrom1.21 m up to1.44 m
Required roof surface area (depending on the laying pattern)from9.38 m2/kWp up to11.16 m2/kWp
Evalon® Solar cSi modules, nominal width x nominal length2 modules at 951 mm x 1428 mm

EVALON® Solar cSi modules

Rated power at STCPMPP225 Wp
Open circuit voltageVOC33.81 V
Short circuit currentlSC8.41 A
Voltage at MPPVMPP28.05 V
Current at MPPlMPP8.02 A

technical changes reserved

The market launch will start after the successful certification.

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