Wall flashing profiles

When flashing against upstands, flashing membranes must be secured against sliding away. For fixing waterproofing membranes at the upper end of the wall flashing bar profiles are used. With used roof areas, the flashing area must be protected to the required height against mechanical damage, e. g. using protective/metal cover sheets.

alwitra wall connection profiles:

Wall flashing profiles

  • industrially produced ready-to-install profile series (FP 60, WA 1, WA 150, WA1-ÜK, WA1-Ü 150E) for all types of roof waterproofing (synthetic or bitumen) with flashing against straight or crescent-shaped upstands
  • made of aluminium, lightweight and noncorrosive, recyclable, with synthetic coating, if required
  • compliant with standards and directives
  • with a front height of 150 to 275 mm and hidden fastening for used roof areas
  • with ready-to-install external and internal corners and stop ends
  • for simple and time-saving installation

alwitra wall flashing profiles form part of a comprehensive system for smart roof waterproofing solutions.

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