Fast, faster, record: Towards new speed records with EVALON® Solar


Record breakers are very special people. They are both adventurous and calculating. On the one hand, they want to get higher, faster and further. On the other hand, however, they do not want to leave anything to chance. Like the French speed record team “Les Triplettes de Bonneville”.


For four years now, the four French sportsmen have been breaking ever new records, namely on one of the world’s most famous high-speed tracks, Bonneville Salt Flat, in the state of Utah near Salt Lake City. Knowing each other from school, the four motor sports enthusiasts have been participating in the Bonneville Speed Week since 2008. Since then, they have broken at least one record every year – all in all 19 until today.


In particular, the “fast” French are taken with vintage cars and motorcycles. Their first record they achieved on a Motobécane moped built in 1955. However, at the same time, the ambitious amateur gadgeteers are also open to modern technology. So, in 2010, they started off in a cigar-shaped vehicle designed by students from the renowned Institut Supérieur de Design (ISD) which was driven by a compressed-air engine. One year later, they presented the world’s fastest R4 “Saline4Fun” with a maximum speed of 237 km/h. Alongside automobiles, the “Triplettes” have always been competing on historic mopeds and motorcycles. Also in 2011. A particular highlight was an electric e-Solex. In order to charge the batteries, the French team came up with a particularly ingenious idea.


There is sun in abundance in the salt desert. So why not generate power for the e-Solex using PV modules. No sooner said than done: the French partner of alwitra, Trier, was enthused by the idea and came to Utah bringing several Evalon® Solar membranes. The advantage for the team: the membranes are easy to transport, relatively lightweight, flexible and robust. Thus, the “Triplettes” were able to generate their own zero emission power (3.5 kW) right in the middle of the desert. An absolute world premiere also for the Bonneville Speed Week.


It goes without saying that the e-Solex broke another speed record. For the upcoming Speed Week in 2012, the imaginative French have already announced several innovations – based on EVALON® Solar. They intend not only to charge the batteries, but also to run the compressors for the compressed-air cylinders with zero emission power. That would be yet another milestone for the “Triplettes”, and for EVALON® Solar.