EVALON® and EVALASTIC® with Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


alwitra plays pioneering role in EPD: EVALON® and EVALASTIC® with environmental certification

It is not only due to the world’s first power-generating waterproofing membrane EVALON® Solar that alwitra GmbH from Trier, Germany, has taken a pioneering role in environmental protection within the whole flat roof industry. alwitra was the first manufacturer of synthetic waterproofing membranes to commission an Environmental Product Declaration for its two well-known and proven waterproofing membrane systems EVALON® and EVALASTIC® from the renowned Institute Construction and Environment (Institut Bauen und Umwelt – IBU), located in Königswinter, Germany.

“We have realised that the positive development in the field of ecologic and sustainable building should also be the guiding line for our company”, explains the company owner Joachim Gussner the decision in favour of an EPD from the IBU. For decades, both waterproofing systems of alwitra GmbH from Trier, Germany, have been installed on flat and low slope roofs. In addition to permanent waterproofing, the EVALON® and EVALASTIC® membranes must also ensure protection from various environmental impacts

Due to their tested and proven formulation, the thermally and mechanically highly resistant waterproofing membranes offer outstanding durability and permanently consistent characteristics. Not least the balanced ratio of strength and elongation provides for a substantial degree of safety.

The EPDs cover all membrane types and thicknesses of the EVALON® and EVALASTIC® product systems as well as the application methods “loose laying under ballast”, “mechanical fastening” and “bonding” of the roofing membranes.

Both waterproofing membrane systems do equally not contain any lead or cadmium. Besides, they do not contain any toxic substances like fungicides or biocides for the elimination of pests like fungi, plants or bacteria or special root control additives.

Both waterproofing solutions can be used for new build as well as for refurbishment.

The Institute Construction and Environment has now listed all characteristics of both product systems in an EPD. The essentials of any Environmental Product Declaration always comprise a comprehensive life cycle assessment. By scrutinizing the building component including composition, procurement and manufacturing, installation and processing, as well as removal and disposal, the EPD from the IBU significantly differs from most of the other environmental declarations.

For alwitra GmbH, the EPD for its two waterproofing membrane systems is an explicit call for the future. For Josef Löcherbach, senior product manager DDB at alwitra, the EPD is a “significant element of a harmonized method for assessing sustainable building approaches (to be standardised in future) and is of special importance in view of the building certification according to the DGNB directives.”

The Institute Construction and Environment (Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU) e.V.), located in Königswinter, Germany, has been established upon the initiative of construction materials manufacturers, in a joint response to the demand for more sustainability in the construction sector. As a manufacturers’ association IBU provides integrated external communication of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), eco-label type III according to ISO and CEN standards. Being awarded an Environmental Product Declaration of the Institute includes independent testing and provides proof of the product quality as well as of the company’s responsibility as regards sustainable building.

IBU’s Declaration programme for construction materials has been elaborated in close cooperation with construction and environmental authorities in Germany as well as in the context of international standardisation processes. Successful programmes are also available in other countries like Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Japan. In fact, they are all based on the international ISO 14025 standard covering all industries, the construction sector, however, has been playing a pioneering role. Right now, at the International Organization for Standardization the ISO CD 21930 “environmental declarations of building products” is being prepared. The IBU is currently the only organisation in Germany that certifies consistently based on international standards.